Stress, fatigue: 6 Bach flowers to spend serene holidays

Stress, irritability, insomnia … The holidays can upset our inner balance. Small ailments that can be regulated by Bach flowers.

If holidays are synonymous with joy and conviviality, they sometimes rhyme with small emotional disorders. To remedy this, Bach flowers , elixirs to harmonize emotions, are an effective solution. Nathalie Auzeméry, naturopath, Bach flower trainer and author of My book of 38 Bach flowers (Dangles edition), gives her advice on how to choose them.

I am stressed by the organization

Preparing meals or buying gifts can be stressful. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things to do during the holidays, bet on “Elm” (elm). This flower helps to prioritize and learn to delegate.

I tend to get upset easily

Rather than bring you joy and tranquility, the Christmas holidays tend to make you irritable? The Bach flower “Impatiens” (impatience) can soothe the annoyance of impulsive people, who feel that nothing goes fast enough.

I have sleep problems

The sleep problems are common during the holidays because they are rich in emotions. At the origin of this phenomenon, mental rumination, against which “White Chestnut” is effective. This flower fights obsessive and parasitic thoughts, and allows peaceful nights.

I lack confidence in myself

You are about to receive your loved ones during the holidays but you are afraid of not being up to it … Bet on the flower “Larch” (larch). It evacuates the feeling of inferiority and fights the fear of failure, to find (finally) confidence in you.

I feel depressed

During the holidays, loneliness or nostalgia can lead to depression . The Bach Flower “Honeysuckle” (Honeysuckle) can help stop living in the past and regrets.

I have trouble managing my emotions

Mourning , hospitalized close, absence of a loved one … Situations that can be more complicated to manage during the holidays, because this period tends to multiply our emotions. The flower “Star of Bethlehem” (star of Bethlehem) helps to accept difficult situations and thus to gain serenity.

Bach flowers: the right dosage

It is advisable to take a minimum of two drops of Bach flowers four times a day, for at least 15 days. Do you have multiple emotional imbalances? Do not hesitate to associate the flowers that correspond to these states, respecting the same mode of use.