Lectines: should we be wary of this new enemy nutrition that invades our plates?

The last food warning of the moment involves most of our foods, especially those recommended, moreover, as part of the healthiest diets … The offending ingredient: the lectin. We make the point and we dramatize. Here we are! If definitively excluding animal flesh from our plates is a salutary development, eliminating the gluten that sticks on the intestinal walls and weakens them… Read More »

Seasonal depress: 10 foods that boost the good mood

To overcome small fall depresses, you can bet on the right plate. Focus on foods that boost good mood. Seat of thought, memory , emotions and creativity, the brain is also the place where the feeling of happiness is created. The more adequately it works, the better our psychic form. Lifestyle, and more specifically a balanced diet, is the ideal brain dopant. Rich in… Read More »

9 reasons why you are hungry all the time

Does your stomach constantly claim to eat during the day? There must be a reason. At 11h, 15h, 17h or 19h. Your belly keeps crying out and gurgling. You always feel hungry , so you nibble . Sweet or salty, everything is good to put in the tooth. This phenomenon is quite common but not trivial. There are many reasons for this, because to love to eat… Read More »