What are the Benefits of Meditation ?

What Benefits Does Meditation Offer? The benefits of meditation have been talked about for centuries. However, new studies are showing that the benefits of meditation do not end with the benefits of mind relaxation and peace of mind. It also includes the effects of meditating on the body and, as a result, it is becoming a popular form… Read More »

How to make Six packs

How to make six packs in the body is a very complex task, but not a difficult one. Though not as popular as the muscles, it is a vital component to your overall health. Muscles are basically comprised of three major tissues; namely; muscular, and connective tissue. The central concept of how to make six packs in the… Read More »

How to Control Diabetes – A Guide

The following article will teach you some of the basic and effective ways to control diabetes. Diabetes is a medical condition that causes a person to have high blood sugar levels. This results in the breakdown of the body’s insulin-producing cells, which cause the sugar level to spike up. Once the sugar level gets too high, it starts… Read More »

Stress, fatigue: 6 Bach flowers to spend serene holidays

Stress, irritability, insomnia … The holidays can upset our inner balance. Small ailments that can be regulated by Bach flowers. If holidays are synonymous with joy and conviviality, they sometimes rhyme with small emotional disorders. To remedy this, Bach flowers , elixirs to harmonize emotions, are an effective solution. Nathalie Auzeméry, naturopath, Bach flower trainer and author of My book of 38 Bach flowers (Dangles… Read More »

Health, well-being: 7 principles to adopt at home to feel good at home

To feel good and soothed, Feng Shui, the art of Chinese medicine, can help us. The goal ? Harmonize environmental energy in your home to promote good health and well-being of the occupants. Feng Shui has been around for millennia! It is a branch of Chinese medicine that harmonizes environmental energy, the “Chi”. It is an art that aims to arrange its interior based on… Read More »