Last Empire-War Z v 1.0.335 Mod (Unlimited Coins / Unlocked All)

By | January 31, 2021



Last Empire-War Z is a multiplayer strategy game in which gamers will lead a large group of survivors after the zombie apocalypse and will be able to build an enclave on the ruins of the old world. Fight hordes of mutants, fight for scarce resources with your neighbors, make alliances and together restore your former power or create an army of barbarians and finish what the walking dead began by becoming the only people on the entire planet.



What’s In Fashion

  1. Lots Of Money
  2. Unlimited Coins 
  3. Unlocked All Things


Mod Link

What’s New In Update

New Rules have been implemented into the Battle of Tanner event. The new Tanner Vault and Point Accumulation event has been added as well
Various bug fixes.