Last Day Rules: Survival v 3.1 Mod (free Craft Download)

By | January 29, 2021


Last Day Rules Survival cover

Have you ever thought of a day when you woke up, not your room but instead an island, a true deserted island? In that world, dangers are always lurking on you and you will have to find a way to survive in this mess. It sounds like the famous novel of Robinson Crusoe, but this will not be simple because you will have to do everything yourself to survive. So if you are interested in life like that, I will introduce to the readers of APKMody an interesting game about this topic called Last Day Rules: Survival.


Last Day Rules: Survival is a mixture of battle royale and survival simulator. The project is designed to a greater extent for cooperative activities. It will be almost impossible for one to achieve anything worthwhile. Scarce resources and constant danger from different sides will require a cohesive team that can work for the common good. Construction, crafting, exploration, battles, mining of everything useful, as well as everything else will appeal to anyone who believes that hybrid games are the future of the entertainment industry. Well, beautiful graphics provide an impressive visual component to all this.


Overview information

Name Last Day Rules: Survival
Package com.herogame.gplay.lastdayrulessurvival


Publisher xiaojiao zhang
Category Survival
Version 3.1
Size 2G
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.1


Whats In Fashion

  1. Lots Of Money 
  2. Free Craft 
  3. God Mod



Mod Link


What’s New In Update

S10 Season officially begins! Season new characters and weapons are waiting for you!

“Bounty Competition” is online! Teaming up with your friends and compete for the rankings!

The friendship system fully upgraded. 4 types of close relationships for you to choose!

New facilities Swing and Audio are added.

Bug fixes and game improvements.



One of the most popular games in the world is Battle Royal. Basically, it’s an FPS game but is designed with rules and mechanics new to ordinary first-person shooters. Therefore, this game is booming and become the trend of the game makers today. Thanks to its popularity, the agilest game makers have taken the lead. Sure you know the two most popular and popular games today are PUBG and Fortnite are all mobile version and is operated by Tencent. Netease is also a major Chinese publisher, though not as strong as its male counterparts their games are equally popular. Even Rules of Survival – VNG had the mobile version in the early days of this genre has exploded around the world. Rules of Survival works very well on both PC and Mobile versions, capturing the hearts of many fans. Keep up the cool and exciting new updates to compete with the big guys in this series.

The unique survival game, many new features

If you are interested in this article then surely to know the basic gameplay of a game Battle Royal.for those who do not know this is called a survival game. That means you just have to fight, run away from the enemy, and survive in the most difficult situation. You must ensure that you have enough food and water to survive in the wild before being detected and shot down by the enemy.

The traditional game of this genre is that you do not have to engage in a battle on an uninhabited island. Players will be transported to the island on a plane, with no equipment at all. Quickly pick up supplies, guns, and ammunition to get ready to fight while parachuting into the island. The vast map will have exactly 100 people, and you must kill the remaining 99 people to become the last survivor on the island.

1vs100? No, 1vs300!

But with the recent updates to Rules of Survival – VNG has a larger map than 8×8 square kilometers, the terrain is more complex and the number of players is also increased from 120 to 300 in a game. And remember, the safe area is always shrinking after a certain period of time. If you are still outside, you will be poisoned and die slowly. Quickly run into the safe area and be ready to clash with survivors.

You can play alone, face the rest, and be the best and the longest. However, if you feel that this war is too difficult for you, then you can invite more friends to join. Friends who fought each other mutually support each other in the process of survival will increase the chance of winning significantly. The weapons of the survivors destroyed by you can become your weapon. Combined with wise tactics and powerful weapons, the player will win and receive a reward.

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