Health, well-being: 7 principles to adopt at home to feel good at home

To feel good and soothed, Feng Shui, the art of Chinese medicine, can help us. The goal ? Harmonize environmental energy in your home to promote good health and well-being of the occupants.

Feng Shui has been around for millennia! It is a branch of Chinese medicine that harmonizes environmental energy, the “Chi”. It is an art that aims to arrange its interior based on the balance of 5 elements (wood / fire / earth / metal / water) to promote good health and well-being of the occupants and reduce tensions and stress . To make your home, apartment or office a fulfilling place, it is possible to follow some principles of Feng Shui.

Orienting plants for good health

“Wood is an element attached to the east and south-east sector,” explains Christine Fageot, a trainer in Feng Shui . It is also associated with health and prosperity. “That’s why we recommend placing wooden furniture to the east of your home , as well as plants, touches of green and brown, parquet, wicker baskets, and rectangular objects. “ adds the specialist. Respecting the element wood will help facilitate the balance and circulation of energy related to good health and abundance.

“Aquatic” elements to boost his professional career

The north of the interior of your home is represented by the water element , related to the professional career . “It is active to find a job , to change professional path.You can place an indoor fountain, mirrors, the blue color only by touch, wavy objects to remind the waves,” says Christine Fageot.

Metal in the west to strengthen family ties

The western sector is associated with the family that is built and the children – and not with the ancestors, which correspond to the northwest. It is activated to promote communication in the family , to help the children in their social life … “The element is the metal, and the colors are gold, silver, gray and white”, indicates the expert in Feng Shui. “You can also put some pictures of children, their drawings, their gifts, ” she gives as an example.

We air the rooms every morning

“To avoid blockages of energy, we are looking in Feng Shui that the energy” Chi “circulates , said Christine Fageot.Therefore it is necessary to ventilate the rooms every morning to bring in the right energy and evacuate the harmful energies, “she says. We also try to maintain a clean and tidy interior : “it’s a priority,” says the specialist.

Choosing the right colors for your interior

There is no question of choosing colors that you do not like for your walls! “The ideal is to play with the equilibrium of yin and yang, thus favoring yin colors (beige, ivory, white, light yellow, gray, blue, pale green, lilac) with touches of yang (red) , purple, plum, orange or bright yellow) on paintings, objects or cushions, “ recommends the trainer in Feng Shui. It is avoided to paint all the walls of red color , which could bring tension.

We opt for round tables and mirrors

To facilitate the flow of energy and add a user-friendly side, round or oval tables are preferred over rectangular ones. Feng Shui sofas and curtains are made from natural materials such as linen . We do not forget to place mirrors here and there “because they symbolically increase the family and the meals” .

We do not skimp on details Feng Shui

The background music sound , the home fragrances , of scented candles chosen according to our tastes … These small details end to perfect harmony Feng Shui. We want to meet up with family, with friends in this world where we feel good. Little more? The fireplace : “very popular in Feng Shui for the magical atmosphere provided by light, heat, the smell of wood fire …”, advises the specialist.