Eating before going to sleep: is it so bad for your health?

Disturbed sleep, unhealthy biological clock and weight gain can hang over you if you make a habit of eating copiously before going to sleep.

It is almost scientifically proven: the food is much better when they are consumed between 22:30 and 2am (so if, especially when it comes to the last piece of pizza, that we tasted in front of yet another episode of our favorite series). But if they are much better for our taste buds, they are much less so for our line or for our sleep . In any case, this explains Alexandra Rétion, dietician nutritionist, author of the book “What we eat? The guide to a good daily diet” and the origin of the blog .

Eating before going to sleep disturbs your sleep

“Taking a hearty meal just before going to bed poses three problems,” says dietitian Alexandra Rétion. The first: you risk staggering your restful sleep time. She explains: “before falling asleep, the body will mobilize energy to digest this famous pizza and during this time of digestion , it will not rest”. And the more the meal will be rich, the more the time of digestion will be important, and thus the restorative sleep time shifted. Bad idea, so if you wanted to enjoy a pleasant night in the arms of Morpheus.

Ideally, we therefore opted for a light meal , which we can enjoy until one hour and thirty before going to bed (the time to digest well). For a “classic” meal , there is at least three hours.

Eating late disturbs your biological clock

Second problem identified by the professional, that of disturbing your biological clock and your hormones . “When we sleep, the body restores our hormonal balance,” she says. Therefore, when one sleeps badly (because of this famous hearty meal which weighs on the stomach), the balance of our hormones does not recover correctly.

Watch out for the pounds

Third problem, and not least for those who pay attention to their line, get used to dinner copiously just before going to sleep eventually risk of making you gain weight. “At night, the body is at rest, so it consumes less energy than during the day, when it is active,” describes the nutritionist. “If the meal is too rich, it may be stored by the body.” We see you coming, out of the question as opposed to fasting before going to bed, hoping to lose some extra pounds. The risk ? Here too, it is to see his sleep disturbed because you are in hypoglycemia or worse, to wake up in the middle of the night by a small munchies that would push you directly to the refrigerator …