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Stress, fatigue: 6 Bach flowers to spend serene holidays

Stress, irritability, insomnia … The holidays can upset our inner balance. Small ailments that can be regulated by Bach flowers. If holidays are synonymous with joy and conviviality, they sometimes rhyme with small emotional disorders. To remedy this, Bach flowers , elixirs to harmonize emotions, are an effective solution. Nathalie Auzeméry, naturopath, Bach flower trainer and author of My book of 38 Bach flowers (Dangles… Read More »

7 solutions to improve your eyesight naturally

This is not a utopia. One can increase or maintain his visual acuity with his 5 solutions. Simple and efficient. The Boel Method: Sight Acupuncture Developed by a Danish acupuncturist, it consists of targeting “points” of traditional Chinese medicine (located at the hands, feet and forehead) to stimulate the visual centers of the brain. What indications? It aims to improve the vision of… Read More »

Hepatitis A: how to avoid catching it via diet?

In the United States, 14 consumers contracted hepatitis A after eating blackberries. The opportunity to return to hygiene practices that prevent infection. Above all, the Hepatitis A . It is a viral infection that affects the liver. Extremely widespread, it is transmitted by ingestion of water or food contaminated with faeces or by direct contact with an infected person. Specifically, after being ingested… Read More »