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By | November 6, 2020

App Name Among Us
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Genre Arcade
Size 70M
Latest Version 2020.11.4
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update October 3, 2020 (18 hours ago)

Among Us v 2020.11.4 Mod (Unlocked)

Among Us is an insanely addicting and completely unpredictable online action game in which from 4 to 10 people can take part. They will perform the role of the crew of the spacecraft, which is gradually preparing to leave for a distant goal. That’s just the problem and the main feature of the game is that one of the participants is a killer. He needs to eliminate everyone, without exception, using various methods and methods available for this. Tricks, traps, sabotage, setups and much more are in the bad guy’s arsenal. Which also needs to not stand out from others and not arouse any suspicion. Fans of co-op and unpredictability will be more than happy with the gameplay.

What’s In Fashion

  1. No Kill Cooldown
  2. End Vote
  3. Move In Meeting
  4. Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  5. No Meeting Cooldown
  6. No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  7. Torch Distance
  8. Close Doors
  9. See Ghost + Chat
  10. Complete Tasks
  11. Colour Picker
  12. Vote Random ID
  13. [Movement Menu]
  14. Speed
  15. [Host Menu]
  16. Always Impostor – [ Credit To Yeowang For Helping Out ]
  17. End Game [ Impostors Win ]
  18. End Game [ Crew Wins ]
  19. Instant Win [ Enable Before Starting ]
  20. Random Colours
  21. Random Hats
  22. Random Skins
  23. Random Pets
  24. Change Everyone’s Name
  25.  [Account Menu]
  26. Unlocked Skins
  27. Unlocked Pets
  28. Unlocked Hats
  29. [Misc Menu]
  30. No Ads
  31. No Leave Penalty
  32. Increased Report [Buggy]
  33. Confirm Injected
  34. Long Kill
  35. [Passive]
  36. Chat Always Visible
  37. Unlocked All
  38. Imposter View
  39. Radar Hack
  40. Unlock Everything
  41. No Skill Cool Down
  42. Mod Speed
  43. Save Data

MOD 2020.11.4


You are now ready to download Among Us for free. Here are some notes:

What’s New In Update

Fix camera flinging on security cams

Fix inaccurate admin table on Polus

Fix polus panels reachable through walls

Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit

Fix align engine exploit and softlock


Comms sabotage hides task arrows

Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position.

Added Anonymous Voting option

– All votes appear as grey


Added Task Bar Modes

– Always mode works like normal.

– Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings.

– Invisible mode removes the task bar entirely.


MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs.


Added symbols to fix wires task.

Added cosmetics to meeting screen.


Various bug fixes.

Please check our installation guide.

To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z App


An adventure out into space always requires a lot of different things. You have to prepare a very solid ship to prolong the adventure. In addition, a reliable crew is also needed. However, the adventure in Among Us encounters exactly two problems at the same time. Players are put in a difficult situation that their spaceship is badly damaged. All of the crew members had to do missions to get their ship repaired. Can these people return home or not depends on whether their ship is back in operation or not?

A Confidence Challenge

The second problem you’ll have right here on the night is the crew members. Although these are the people you trust the most ever, there are people who betray. A character called The Impostor will be on a mission to quietly destroy everything. He is the reason your ship never goes back. Or maybe he will slow down the repair of the ship. This is what makes the game so much more difficult.

The way for players to complete this game

Among Us is an extremely great challenge of belief. A crew will have a lot of people and all of these people have to do common missions. That means the game will give you quests so you can repair the ship. You and your teammates will have to share these tasks to complete as soon as possible. If these missions are completed, then for sure this game will end with the win belongs to you.

However, the truth is not so easy. The impostor always tries to sabotage what you and your teammates are doing. He’s going to be one of you, living and working in a confusing way, never going to be discovered. This character’s mission is to find a way to destroy everything. He could even use the loophole to kill people. One thing is obvious, if he kills all the crew, the victory belongs to this villain. You and your teammates must find a way to find the culprit and destroy him. Until vandalism has not been found, the damage continues to be increased.

There are two ways the player can win this game by completing all the missions. This could still be possible if the crew worked together and did not create an opening for the enemy to sabotage. The other way is to use your argument and destroy the destructor. Debates can take place often. Those who get more destructive votes will certainly be dealt with. However, be careful with this because if you get it wrong it creates more chances for the enemy to win. Stress comes from so many different sources that force you to make wise decisions. However, players who are pushed into this situation often give wrong paths.

Multiplayer mode for a good experience

This is a game where you can invite lots of people in the same room. Minimum you can play 1 game with 5 people, and a maximum of 10 people. With the online battle mode, players will encounter a lot of characters from many different regions. They are people from all over the world. These characters will have their own wits. If you meet a spoiler with a high IQ then perhaps it is difficult to win this game. However, this game also has a wi-fi connection mode to play internal matches. This means that players who share the same Wi-Fi set can create a private room to play with. Everything will be even more fun when you together with these people understand each other’s personalities. Certainly, in these matches, there are some people who will be eliminated first on their side always being judged as dangerous. Whether or not they are truly spoiled, these people are executed first.

Fun graphics make gaming very light

Really this is a game designed to focus on finding spoilers. It wanted to give the player a more engaging feeling of a puzzle game than an RPG. The 2D graphics make this gameplay emit a normal atmosphere, not too pressure. So you can comfortably play with your family.

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