8 ways to get High Marks in the exam

8 ways to get High Marks in the exam


1 Setup Time Frame => Try To set up your time frame of study this will help you in to do study at your home and always make time from according to your capacity which you can follow do not make that type of time from that you can not follow this will harm full for your study so make time frame as your capacity and if you are near the exam time just take the important question and learn it doesn’t try to learn the full book in near exam time.

2 Pays Attention in class => pays your attention in the class if you pay attention in the class your concepts will be clear and always ask a ques if you have any doubts in the class this is one of the best ways to get high marks.

3 Make Notes of important Topics => make notes of important topic this will help you in exam time to do study you just need to read from notes this is also easy for you the language of the book is so tough and in notes try to make your notes in your language.

4 Do practice By Writing Answer => writer one answer 5 times after learn some think just written it 5 times so your writing skill and your perfection on that particular answer also improve and when you are in the exam chance of mistake is very low because you have already written your answer 5times.

5 Solve previous Year Question paper => Solve previous Year Question paper that’s the best idea using this you have to get the idea of how the exam will happen and which type of questions comes in the exam.

6 Do Not Study in Group => most of the people will suggest you do study in the group but as of our point of view and according to some most top class peoples so study in the group is not good with our friends we cant do study and over full day will be gone and in exam time. the time is very important if you water your time so you can also be fail

7 Study Early in the morning => Do study early in the morning because in the morning after getup you have a fresh mind and this will help you to study and keep all concept about study in mind there was no one else in the morning for disturb

8 Considered On Handwriting => handwriting is the best way to get high marks if your writing is good so high chance that you always got your bounce marks in an exam.

9 Take Hard Subject First => starts study from the hard subject which you have any problems give it to sufficient time that is the best way if you have scored good marks in your hard subject so your percentage will improve

10 Teach Others => if you have learned some think teach it to others with the use of this method you will get more expertise in your study.


using these ways you will surely get high marks in your examinations

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