5 ways to save water in Home

in this article, we will talk about 6 ways of saving water that can be helpful in your daily life for saving water there are so many ways to save water. know days we all know the value of water is much underground water decreases day by day and also a large number of population is also cause of if we will talk about water there so so limited water in the earth and requirement is too much so there  some ways to collect and save water


1  Do Not Wastewater for playing => if there were any children in your home so teach them that they should not waste water in play. because Childers like to play with water by this the wastage of water has happened and a larger amount of water has been wastage in this proses so tell to your children do not play with water.

2 washing your car only ones in weak => some peoples wash their car daily even if no need to wash their car. they waste water so you should wash your car weekly or when you need because car taking so much water in the washing so you should have to wash your car ones in a weak that is enough.

3 water your lawn only when it needs => Watering on a regular schedule doesn’t allow for cool spells or rainfall which reduces the need for watering. Step on some grass. If it springs back up when you move your foot it doesn’t need water.

4  Install water-saving showerheads => Your hardware or plumbing supply store stocks inexpensive showerheads or flow restrictors that will cut your shower flow to about three gallons a minute instead of five to ten.

5 user water for cooking only => another way to save water use it for cooking food only. even If you use this cold water when you do cooking for drinking and saving at the same time only. and also use tap water you should not keep hot water in the container.


if you use these ways you will surely able to save water.

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