Private Link: Frag Pro Shooter 1.7.6

By | December 2, 2020

MOD version FRAG Pro Shooter

V1: Gold, diamonds increase when spent.

Start buying items with low denominations, the money will increase when you buy any item. When you have a lot of money, unlock Legendary for the character or do whatever you like.

V2: Menu mod

– [ Player Menu ] –

  1. – Godmode
  2. – One Shot Kill
  3. – Wall Hack
  4. – Unlimited Ammo
  5. – Unlimited Ability
  6. – Freeze Bots
  7. – Speed

– [ Account Menu ] –

  1. – Unlimited Diamonds – [ Fixed At 4,500 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
  2. – Unlimited Coins – [ Fixed At 10,000 – Enable Before Loading Screen]

– [ How To Get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins ] –

  1. Start Game
  2. Enable Unlimited Diamond / Coins
  3. Then Buy Something With Coins / Diamonds
  4. Now You Should Have 4,500 Diamonds, 10,000 Coins

Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD – Kill as many opponents as you can

Overall, FRAG Pro Shooter is relatively simple from play to upgrade. Moving and aiming are two joystick operations. When an enemy is present, the auto-fire feature will work. FRAG Pro Shooter support screen helps not too many operations to control the character. In a battle, you can use 5 characters. FRAG does not focus on a specific object, every time you die you have the right to revive and choose the remaining 4 characters. At the end of the game, the team that kills the most opponents will be the winner.



What’s New In Update

Bug fixes and anti-cheat update.

Coming up in this update:

– Try out the VIP subscription to get exclusive advantages!

– Marco Pollo, is coming with the New Season starting on the 31st of December.

Welcome to the 1.7.4 FRAG update!

– Duality is the new amazing character joining the arena in December. Unlock her in the Season Pass!

– Unlock rare Frag Powers in the Frag Power Event this month.

– Get exclusive Christmas Skins in the Christmas Event 2020.